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Fallen Swallow/Laughing Pigeon is proud to present
 Performances will be at the (Where)  Archip Gallery Theatre at 498 Court Street on (When) Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:00 pm; Thursday, June 24th at 8:00 pm; Friday, June 25th at 6:00 pm, and Saturday, June 26th at 8:30 pm
Tickets go on sale May 21st and are available for $14 online at Brown Paper Tickets ( and  $17 at the door (cash only). 

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    Fallen Swallow/Laughing Pigeon is an emerging New York based performance company that seeks to explore the art of storytelling through experimentation, movement, and design.  The work of Fallen Swallow is based in physical theatre and text-based art and design and is “inspired by the hidden beauty of the everyday and the idiosyncratic tendencies of stranger.  It aims to create theatre that is both audience accessible and thought provoking.”

Fallen Swallow/Laughing Pigeon is a sponsored project of not-for-profit service organization Fractured Atlas.

We need your support.  Please.  It's tax deductible.  You know you want to. 
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TICKETS GO ON SALE May 21st, 2010

 Enter the world of Alice, an experiment in theatrical storytelling, where the borders between imagination and reality dissolve.

    The ensemble cast features Caroline Calkins as Alice along side Rivka Borek, Jessica Carlsen, Savvy Clement, John DeSilvestri, Matt Roth, Nick Roesler, Franz Quitt, Lauren Weinberg, and Ali Rivera.  Brian Hashimoto directs, assisted by Jay Spriggs.

    Alice, tells of a young woman struggling within her own wild imagination as the real world around her crumbles. A mother tormented by her own ghosts, a father distracted, a brother trying to keep it all together, a friend she can't let in, and Alice must make a choice: up or down?

    The play Alice takes audiences to new worlds and different dimensions of reality through the use of video, sound, movement, and traditional theatrical storytelling techniques.

    The creative team includes illustrator Helen Bayer, lighting designer John Eckert (LA Weekly Best Lighting Design Award recipient), costume designer Lisa Renee Jordan (New York Musical Theatre Festival - Design Award, Drama Desk award nominee), director of video Ayberk Sak, sound designer Jay Spriggs, projection, and technical director Maximus Thaler.  

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